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Labour and Medicine

Labour and Medicine

In order that you might be able to concentrate upon the essential

Modern working life is always good for a surprise, for employers and employees alike. We do not abandon you to your problems but assist you, for example, with work contracts, cancellations or questions of codetermination. Patients and doctors can also find themselves in the midst of disputes pursuant to treatment methods. In this regard, too, we are your expert partner.

LABOUR LAW - dismissal protection suits, written warnings, settlement agreements

Have you been dismissed as an employee and do not wish to accept your dismissal or at least wish to receive a settlement? Do you require legal counselling pursuant to a written warning, holiday, illness or overtime?

Do you, as an employer or human resources manager, require legal counselling in the shaping of work contract and personnel decisions? Do you have any questions pursuant to collective bargaining laws, the codetermination rights of the works council or to income tax and social insurance laws?

Our lawyer and specialist for labour law, Peter Salzmann from Öhringen, advises and represents employers and employees both in- and out-of-court in all matters pursuant to labour law.

His activity is not restricted to the area covered by the labour court of Heilbronn (Crailsheim chambers) but also relates to all other labour courts in Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Labour Court in Erfurt.

As a specialist in Labour Law  Rechtsanwalt Peter Salzmann from Öhringen is able to judge which actions are legally and economically expedient in your specific individual case and asserts your interests thanks to his negotiating skill and negotiating strength both out of court and in a court of law.

MEDICAL LAW - Medical Practitioners’ Law, Medical Practitioners’ Liability, Patients’ Rights

Medical law describes all legal relationships between doctors and patients but also the public law regulations pursuant to the exercising of the profession of a medical practitioner. Medical law is made up of many subdivided fields of law.

In cases of medical malpractice we on the one hand assist patients to assert claims for compensation and/or damages, but we also represent doctors accused of treatment errors and also assume their representation in front of an arbitration court for matters of medical practitioners’ liability if need be.

The difficulty in questions of medical practitioners’ liability often lies in the investigation of the causal link between a possible case of treatment error and the damage suffered. Sometimes patients suffer from preliminary medical woes, which is why the causal link has to be clarified so exactly. This is why, in almost all cases, medical experts are consulted prior to any court proceedings.

We are aware of the course that such cases take and stand by your side in this difficult situation.