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IT law

IT law

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Digitization of the business world is steadily growing. The law also has to adapt to this development. You need support in drawing up contracts and General Terms and Conditions of Business? You want to assert claims arising from such contracts or defend yourself from claims? You are offering a webshop?

Attorney Tobias Vels will advise you in all areas of information technology law which is evolving rapidly. Attorney Tobias Vels will assume responsibility for protecting your interests both out of court and in court.

In the process, Attorney Tobias Vels attaches great importance to identifying the legal opportunities for you which make sense from a business perspective and are financially viable.

Software law

Software contracts form the focus of software law. These can be contracts for customised software or standard software. Individual contracts can be concluded with business partners, but this legal field is also inconceivable without General Terms and Conditions of Business. For example, software can be developed, sold or licensed. With all these alternatives, special attention must be paid to the legal requirements pertaining to material rights and procedures. In the case of contracts for customised software, it is essential that the specific scope of services is defined in a way that is unassailable. The software developer must also consider in advance whether the project is even feasible from a technical perspective. Contracts must be adapted accordingly. In the case of standard software, particular attention must be paid to the rules applying to licence rights.


IT law also encompasses rights relating to electronic transactions. For example, this includes contracts concluded on the internet. Case law regarding the conclusion of contracts on the internet is characterised by constant flux and adaptation to new IT circumstances. These special features must be taken into consideration in the case of internet auctions, for example. General Terms and Conditions of Business play a major role. Consumer rights are at the forefront, however. European and national legislators have been constantly refining distance selling law in the last few years.


The digital business world is now inconceivable without webshops. Many companies use their own webshop or distribute their products through already existing webshops of other suppliers. Particular importance must be attached to the use of legally secure General Terms and Conditions of Business. There are also many legal requirements to be observed to ensure that a webshop is secure from legal attack. Price labelling constitutes one example harbouring many risks. But the correct labelling of food products is also associated with strict demands.