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Banks and Insurances

Banks and Insurances

When money is concerned

The capital market is becoming more and more impenetrable. We will not be abandoning you to find your own way through that fog. Whether in matters of monetary investments or taxes, simply ask about our expertise. Do you have a claim but your insurer refuses to deal with it? Do not hesitate too long but find yourself some support. The insurance company will be opposing you with tough specialists. Secure equal opportunities for yourself and avail yourself of our assertive experts.

BANKING AND CAPITAL MARKET LAW - Loan law, investors’ protection law, account management and payment transactions

For more than twenty years now the field of banking and capital market law has, thanks to EU-consumer protection guidelines and experienced economic crises, continuously been the subject of legislative measures and the resultant case law, in particular in the fields of loan contract laws, laws on loan collateral (sureties, mortgages, etc.), payment transaction laws and laws pursuant to investors’ protection.

Our lawyer Frank Gerhard advices both banks and bank clients in- and out-of-court in all matters pursuant to this extremely multi-faceted complex of legal matters.

INSURANCE LAW - Property insurance law, liability insurance law, private personal insurance

Private insurance law covers the fields of insurance company law (in particular regulations pursuant to the founding and organisation of insurance companies), insurance supervision law (regulates the legal relationship between the State and the individual insurance companies) and insurance contract law.

The last named regulates the contractual relationship between the parties to a privately and independently concluded insurance contract. An insurance policy that has been concluded on the basis of a legal obligation, e.g. a motor vehicle liability insurance policy is also covered by this.

In contract to this stand the social insurance laws that set regulations pursuant to insurance relationships that arise by force of law between the social insurance institutions and the insured persons, for example pursuant to statutory pension and health insurance.