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Rebecca Schmid

Specialist for Labour Law
Specialist for Tenancy and Residential Property Law

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Secretariat: Nicole Strecker
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Rebecca Schmid was born in Bietigheim-Bissingen in 1984 and graduated from Highschool (Gymnasium) in Ellental. During her law studies at the University of Konstanz she passed university exams in the special field of competition and intellectual property law (including principles of international commercial activities). After her first state exam in law she took practical training (Referendariat) at the provincial court in Heilbronn, including, inter alia, a stage in the legal department of Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA, where she received training in labour law. From 2013 she was working as attorney in law firms with emphasis on civil law and joined RBB & Partner in 2021. Since 2019 she is specialist solicitor (Fachanwältin) for labour law and since March 2021 for tenancy law and the law of real property.

Membership of Professional Associations

  • ARGE Mietrecht + Immobilien des Deutschen Anwaltvereins
  • Deutscher Anwaltverein
  • Forum für junge Anwälte

Legal Fields

Labor law

  • Individual labor law
  • Dismissal protection law

Tenancy and lease law

  • Residential tenancy law
  • Commercial tenancy law
  • Operating costs law
  • Rent amount / rent increase
  • Housing renovation
  • Real estate sales
  • Encumbrances (usufruct, easement, heritable building right)

Condominium law