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Criminal Law and Traffic

Criminal Law and Traffic

Right of way for your rights

Road traffic in Germany today is a jungle and accidents soon happen. We process claims on your behalf with your insurers both at home and abroad, represent you in criminal law or fines proceedings or assist you in mattes pursuant to your drivers’ licence. Our experienced defence lawyers are also at your disposal in other criminal proceedings and guarantee fair and just proceedings.

CRIMINAL LAW - Juvenile criminal law, narcotics-related criminal law, traffic-related criminal law, administrative offences

You or one of your relatives, for example your child, is suspected or accused of having committed a criminal act such as theft, fraud (crimes against property), damage to property, bodily harm or traffic offences?

Criminal charges or a petition for punishment have been brought against you or you wish to file for such proceedings yourself? Have preliminary investigations already been initiated? You have been served an indictment? Or you have been summoned to be heard as an accused or as a witness by the police, department of public prosecutions or the court?

Our lawyer and specialist for criminal law, Kathrin Fröhlich from Öhringen, takes over your representation and defence during preliminary investigations, in courts including criminal revision proceeding, as well as the representation of injured parties and victims, in particular the filing of criminal changes and petitions for punishment, representation in-and out-of-court, incidental representation and the assertion of claims for compensation and damages. She also counsels and represents business enterprises, associations, clubs or corporations in the run-up to criminal proceeding or during the proceedings themselves.

TRAFFIC LAW - Household losses, driving licence laws, hit and run, traffic offences

You have been involved in a traffic accident? You wish to receive repair costs, costs for a rented car, compensation for lost earnings, a refund of your household expenses or damages?

You have been caught by a traffic camera (exceeding the speed limit)? Jumped a red light (red light offence), tailgated (distance offence) or parked your car creatively? Or have you been caught with alcohol or drugs at the wheel (drink-driving or driving under the influence of drugs)? Now you are being threatened with a fine, a driving ban or even the loss of your driving licence?

Our lawyer and specialist for traffic law, Pablo Blessing from Öhringen, advises you and represents you in-and out-of-court in all matters connected with traffic criminal law and the law on administrative offences. During a consultation meeting we will explain to you the risks and opportunities presented by traffic law proceedings.