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Construction and Living

Construction and Living

Creating values that last

In the land of house-builders and home owners we assist you in all legal matters pursuant to the building of your house or the purchase of your property. You wish to defend yourself against a disruptive building project in your neighbourhood or push through your own application for building permission? – Then contact us. Irrespective of whether you wish to let or to rent, we are your partner for competent counselling and the structuring of contracts in the field of commercial and private rental law as well as for residential property law.

BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURAL LAW - Legal consultancy, rectification of defects, settlement of utility costs

You wish, as the owner-builder, to award a contract for the performance of a construction service? Or to accept such a contract in your capacity as entrepreneur/craftsman? Do you require legal counselling on the matter of the shaping of the construction or architect’s contract, of your rights in the effect of defects in the construction service, wages demands or fees?

You wish to submit an objection or file a suit against building permission or to file a suit for the granting of building permission?

Our specialist lawyer for building and architectural law, Tobias Vels, and our lawyers Peter Salzmann and Dr. Dieter Waibel (main focus of activity: administration law- public construction law) advise and represent property developers, general contractors, construction entrepreneurs, architects and engineers, private owner-builders or the public sector as well as bidders and clients on matters concerning the awards procedure for public contracts, as well as both in- and out-of-court on all matters pursuant to private building and architectural law and public building law.

Thanks to their many years of experience in building and architectural law  our lawyers Tobias Vels and Peter Salzmann are able to judge which measures are economically and legally expedient in your individual case and to assert your interests thanks to their negotiating skill and negotiating strength both out of court or in a court of law. Our lawyer Dr. Dieter Waibel maintains regular contact with the authorities and therefore knows the processes that, for the ordinary citizen, are in part impenetrable. This is of course of value when advising clients on how to arrive at a solution.

RENTAL AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY LAW - Rental contracts, own needs, rental arrears

As a landlord you require legal counselling on the shaping and conclusion of rental contracts? You are seeking to evict a tenant with considerable rental arrears? Or you require legal counselling pursuant to residential property law?

As a tenant you wish to reduce your rent due to a defect but do not know whether you are entitled to do so? You suspect that the settlement of your utilities bill is incorrect? You require legal counselling in matters of rent increases or the duration and cancellation of rental contracts?

Our lawyer and specialist for rental and residential property law, Rainer Baumann from Öhringen advises and represents tenants, landlord and apartment owners and administrators both in and out of court in all matters pursuant to rental and residential property law..

As a lawyer specialising in rental and residential property law Rechtsanwalt Rainer Baumann from Öhringen is able to judge which measures are economically and legally expedient in your individual case and to assert your interests thanks to his negotiating skill and negotiating strength both out of court and in a court of law.