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Narcotics-related criminal law
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Kathrin Fröhlich

Specialist for Criminal Law

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Sekretariat: Deniz Okkali
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Kathrin Fröhlich was born in Kirchheim/Teck in 1980. After her Abitur (A Levels) at the Wirtschaftsgymnasium (Commercial Grammar School) in Öhringen she studied Legal Sciences at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg and the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. After her First State Legal Examination in the year 2007 she worked during her traineeship at the Landgericht (District Court) of Heilbronn, the Amtsgericht (Local Court) of Öhringen, for the Department of Public Prosecutions in Heilbronn and the District Administration Office of Heilbronn. She took her Second State Legal Examination in the year 2009 in Heilbronn. After that she began to work for RBB Beathalter & Partner.

Legal Fields

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedures Law

• Narcotics-related Criminal Law
• Juvenile Criminal Law
• Victims’ Law

Medical Law

• Medical Practitioners’ Law 
• Medical Practitioners’ Liability Law 
• Patients’ Law

Further Information

  • Member of the Kreisjägervereinigung (District Hunting Association) Hohenlohe e.V.